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The Liberal Arts And Education - 1501 Words

The liberal arts are a vital subject for the curriculum of every school worldwide. However, numerous education reforms set in motion by American government have begun to take a heavy toll on the existence of art programs in schools. Subjects such as theatre, music, dance, visual arts, and many more are being sacrificed economically in lieu of basic subjects that are listed as more important by the state. As a result of these funding cuts to arts programs, students across the nation are beginning to lose crucial opportunities to take part in these traditional fields of study. The liberal arts programs across the nation’s schools provide more to students than can be attained in the basic classroom setting, and therefore should not be surrendered to other subjects that are deemed more prominent. Nearly every aspect of the arts has been in practice since the dawn of man. Before the existence of the world’s major technologies such as the television or the internet, people had to entertain themselves. As Efland writes in his research of the history of art education, â€Å"as long as the arts have existed, artists, performers, and audience members have been educated for their roles.† Perhaps the most well-known of the art practices are the visual arts. Everything from cave drawings, carvings, statues, tattoos, piercings, to even decorated dishes serve as examples of the earliest visual arts. These items often served as symbols for cultural deities, stories of the past, folklore, andShow MoreRelatedA Liberal Arts Education1103 Words   |  5 Pagesmeans to think correctly in to find knowledge that is relevant and reliable. In terms of a liberal arts education critical thinking is crucial because a liberal arts education teaches students skills that are needed in the rapidly changing world that usually requires a lifetime of self-learning and understanding. Critical thinking is something that people usually must learn on their own; however, as a liberal arts school it is taught, so we have a better understanding of thinking critically. GreenRead MoreEducation And Liberal Arts Education1253 Words   |  6 PagesA study in general education (liberal arts) affects different aspects of my development both physically and mentally. A liberal arts education has shaped the form I conceive and return over individual circumstances. After attending class and reading all the benefits of a liberal arts education it has shaped the direction I held regarding a Liberal Arts education. A liberal arts education has shifted the way I study and the process I go about completing my school work. Furthermore, from the mannerRead MoreA Liberal Arts Education1448 Words   |  6 PagesA Liberal Arts Education A liberal arts education provides students with a broad spectrum of information enabling them to expand knowledge and to advance society in a positive direction. This universal education provides a strong foundation of knowledge in many subjects. The students can observe the strengths and capabilities, as well as the limitations of each field of study. This allows the students to find connections between diverse fields of study, to explore them, and to discover newRead MoreThe Liberal Arts And Education1090 Words   |  5 PagesA higher education prepares a student with knowledge to succeed professionally. The liberal arts focus is different as it prepares the student for a development of the mind, and perceptional differences within us as well as among each other. Some universities prepare the student with knowledge; however, Concordia University addition of the liberal arts program also prepares the individual with strengths of understanding the Bible, reflection, communication, and an ethical nature. The importanceRead MoreThe Importance Of A Liberal Arts Education972 Words   |  4 Pagesto a liberal arts school. There were many reasons why this was important to me, from having heard about it from my counselors to finding it important to have a broad education. I chose Hope College as the school I wanted to go to because it brought together the importance of God and Christianity and it also is a liberal arts school. When arriving at the school, I began to find out more about how important a liberal arts education is to increase your knowledge. The first part of a liberal arts educationRead MoreQuestions On Liberal Arts Education982 Words   |  4 Pagesto take part in a college or university education usually decides what degree he/she wants to pursue before high school graduation; in some cases a liberal-arts degree is chosen. Misconceptions and critical opinions lead many to not take an interest in a liberal-arts education. In the article, â€Å"7 Major Misperceptions About the Liberal Arts†, Sanford J Ungar states that, We cannot assign different socioeconomic groups to different levels or types of education† (pp.2). I agree, but I also believe thatRead MoreThe Benefits of a Liberal Arts Education797 Words   |  3 PagesThe strength of a liberal arts education is the strong, varied foundation it provides over a wide spectrum of subjects. A liberal arts education is aimed at teaching you how to think. It helps you to develop strength of mind, and an ordered intellect. This broad-based education allows st udents to create new theories, discoveries, and connections between fields. With such expansive roots, great innovators can build and expand from what others have learned, instead of wasting effort on rediscoveryRead MoreImportance Of Liberal Arts Education1346 Words   |  6 Pages Before beginning my college journey, I had considered what I expected out of a liberal arts education. My number one reason for attending Central was for their education program. My goal for the future, however shallowly thought out it may have been, was to be a good teacher, and make a difference in children’s lives. Because of Central’s Teacher Academy program, their high standards, and excellent reputation in the field, I knew this was the place that would help me attain those goals. HoweverRead MoreHigher Education At The Liberal Arts1639 Words   |  7 PagesAll types of education, whether technical or liberal, possess their own inherent merit. The distinction between the two lie s in the spectrum of a particular study’s application. A higher education in any study should be encouraged because more knowledgeable individuals benefit both society and themselves through the continuation of their education. The value of one type of education does not negate the value of another. In today’s society technical studies, that is studies with a direct applicationRead MoreThe Liberal Arts Education Is Better Than A Education1409 Words   |  6 Pagesupon whether a liberal arts education is better than a vocational education; a topic that did not cross my mind in high school. A liberal arts curriculum includes the studies intended to primarily provide general knowledge such as language, philosophy, literature, and abstract science and to develop general intellectual capacities, such as reason and judgment, as opposed to professional or vocational skills ( As students wanting to achieve a higher education, we have to think

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