Thursday, February 27, 2020

Argumentative (intermarriage) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Argumentative (intermarriage) - Essay Example It is notable that the article primarily focuses on the policy implications of the new dichotomy suggesting that it is specially targeted for political audiences. By using a political approach, Lind highlights the major challenges which will be faced by the American government as a result of this transition. Lind argues against the preconception that the United States will become a â€Å"true racial melting point† characterized by the â€Å"blending of black and white into a universal brown† (paragraph 1). The article refutes the claim of the US Census Bureau that there will be no intermarriage within the four major racial groups. Instead, he reveals the major trends in intermarriage in the United States, that is, Hispanics, Asians, and Indians have a higher incidence of marriage with Americans than with their own races (paragraph 5). Lind supports these claims through the use of various statistics. On the other hand, the article also recognizes that while intermarriage within the aforementioned racial groups with whites, blacks are left out (paragraph 8). In paragraph 10, Lind reveals that this is due to the â€Å"conservative attitudes† of the blacks which frowns upon the idea of marriage with another race and view this as disloyalty. Second is the prevailing anti black prejudice in the American society which is â€Å"picked up by immigrants† (paragraph 10). Another is the general disapproval between blacks and white (paragraph 11). Lind also examines the political implication of the beige and white dichotomy: â€Å"On the positive side, the melting away of racial barriers between Asians, Latinos, and whites† but will facilitate a division between the â€Å"enormous mixed race majority and a black minority† (paragraph 13). Lind also predicts the possibility of institutional binationalism (paragph 14). He also does not discount the probability that black Americans will also join the melting pot. The main strength of Lind’s article is its use of

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